My ancient and venerable computer has died and it is proving surprisingly hard to pick up my digital life from my even more ancient (but less venerable) iPad. Even tiny things like the blog password is proving an obstacle: I click the fogotten password button, and it sends a reset to my email – which I don’t have a password to. Once I got round that, I found that all my notes for blog posts were inaccessable. Of course I kept backups of all my data, but somehow it never occurred to me that backups are no good if you don’t have a computer to read them from. I am slowly rebuilding the world but it may be a few weeks before I’m posting regularly again. On the other hand it maybe means I have time to catch up on my reading. I’d like to get to know Peter Ackroyd’s novels better. It seems to me that he’s the only proper writer in English who takes the supernatural seriously, and that means we should take him seriously. What type of brain does one need to still see (for example) ghosts in the twenty-first century? I think it’d be fun and salutary to find out.

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