Mars blog: the BBC as the Wonderful World of Disney

Things have come to a sorry state of affairs, you might think, if I’m referencing the BBC’s woeful Horizon series in this blog, but honestly, this one isn’t bad. Or at least the first thirty seconds before I turned off in irritation weren’t bad. I have huge respect for the BBC – it does an amazing job despite attacks by right-wing bigots and left-wing idiots. And Horizon does contain much information and many interesting facts – just they’re hard to get to through the mood music, the scientists staring into the distance, and the endless simulated films of a comet striking the earth. At least, I hope it’s simulated. Anyhow, remember Tuesday night is “anything can happen night”.

iPlayer, if you live in the UK, are reading this before mid-October, are a licence fee payer, and don’t mind having to register:

YouTube for everyone else:

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