Purpose of the blog

Doing chess puzzles won’t make you the perfect player, but by thinking about them you do become a better one. Reading posts on this blog won’t make you a perfect writer – who knew? – but, honestly, pick the ones you agree with or that agree with you, and let them gnaw at your subconscious – maybe someday one of them will help you out of a pickle.

Policy on spoilers

Basically, expect them to the left of you, to the right of you, on top of you. Any post on this blog may contain any number of spoilers. We won’t warn, and it’s your job to stay away if you don’t like them. For rationale, see here.

Become a contributor

Anyone is welcome to add comments to posts. Please keep them polite or funny or (best of all) both. Otherwise, knock yourself out.

If you’d like to try a full post, send us an idea or a draft. The only rule is that posts should have a moral – they should point at a better way of writing, or of how writers might study or live in the world. If you send a draft, please express what copyright level you’d like – the default for the site is public domain CC0, and we prefer that, but you may choose any (see here for more guidance). If we publish your post, we will not change it except to match our house style rules, and will get your consent for that. You will be free to withdraw your post at any time, but not necessarily to edit it (although of course we will be reasonable).


All posts on the site are public domain/ copyright free (CC0) unless otherwise stated. See here for what that means.

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